Story Behind Juisir

You keep asking yourself: Am I happy about my current health condition?

What you don’t know is, you only need to work on one habit, a keystone habit – drinking juice is the easiest form of healthy living. The problem with juicing, is that it’s way too much work!!! The cleaning comes after makes you stop juicing at home, meanwhile you concerns about the freshness of store-bought juice.
You tell yourself you’re going to change all your bad habits and start a healthy life, but ending up with hundreds of failures.

JUISIR is a no-clean juicer by using cold pressing technique to gets every single drop of nutritious juice out of the fruit through a press with eight-tons of force. JUISIR’s uniquely designed juicing bags means no fruit or vegetables ever touch the machine. Put fruits and vegetables into the bag, place the bag into JUISIR, push the button and 90s later enjoy a cup of fresh juice.

With the rich experience in delivering health drinks and the pursuit of healthy living, we create JUISIR. We truly believe JUISIR will help make drinking fresh juice a daily habit that will kick-start further healthy behaviours in people’s everyday lives.

As the saying goes, health is not everything, without health you will lost everything. JUISIR allows you maintain health with ease so you have time for more important things in life.