The Juicing Bag

JUISIR offers two types of juicing bags – multiple use or single use. You can simply recycle or reuse the juicing bag – it’s entirely up to you. DIY your own juice packs and vary your juice recipes to different preferences and health needs.


Outer bags: Silicone
Inner Bags: Cotton

The multiple-use bags are split into two individual parts – the silicone outer bag and the cotton filter. Place the cotton filter into the silicone outer bag and then follow the usual procedures. After juicing, take out the used cotton filter and discard it. The outer bag? Simply rinse it and and you’re good to go again. All in all, there is no cleaning required for the machine.
You can purchase the silicone outer bags and the cotton filter.


Outer bags: PA/PE
Inner bags: Cotton

With the single-use juicing bags, simply dispose of after use. Our Eco-friendly material means you won’t be hurting the environment.

Safety Guarantee

Our juicing bags are food grade, and comply with FDA standard. Moreover, the inner bags of both disposable and reusable juicing bags are biodegradable.

Capacity if the juicing bags and juice yeld

Each bag can contain up to 300g-350g (0.66lb-0.77lb) raw products, abstract about 200-250ml (6.76 oz-8.45oz) juice.

Recommended size of chopped pieces

Chop fruit and vegetables into pieces roughly the size of a dollar coin for maximum yield.



JUISIR is scheduled to introduce the prep juice packs with exclusive recipes shortly, offering customers an even easier way to juice with JUISIR. JUISIR is looking for local fruit and vegetable suppliers from around the world to produce J-PACK.