Benefits Of Cold Press Juice

There is no heat produced during the juicing process of cold pressing, this helps to reduce the oxidation and decomposition of the nutrition, and therefore allows juice drinkers to enjoy as much nutrition as possible from fruits and vegetables.

The cold pressing technique helps to reduce the contact of juice to air. This inhibits oxidation of juice and keep it fresh. There is no layering in cold- pressed juice , delivering the natural color of fruits and vegetables.

See Juisir in Action

8 Tons Of Pushing Force Will Cold Press Your Fruits And Vegetables Giving You More Healthy Juice Than Any Other Juicer On The Market And Will Require ZERO Cleaning.

How To Utilize The Pulpy Residues?

Fruit and vegetables are all pressed paper-thin, and you can reuse them as organic fertilizer or add them into your baking and help to increase your daily fiber intake.

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