Introducing Juisir

JUISIR is an innovative cold press juicer requiring no cleaning. 8 tons of force (approximately equal to the size of two adult elephants) will squeeze every drop of your chosen juice recipe, Moreover, JUISIR will be an international brand that meets international standards. It is scheduled to pass UL, CE and ROHS tests.

How is the 8 tons of force produced?

Our engineers have ingeniously utilized the leverage principle to create torsion and hence produce a juicer that can exert up to about 8 tons of force.

Why is no cleaning required?

JUISIR works with our uniquely designed juicing bags which completely separate fruit and vegetables from the machine, meaning JUISIR itself never needs to be cleaned.


Traditional cold press juicers are large and bulky. Here at JUISIR, after thousands of experiments, we have designed a juicer smaller, more modern and elegant in design that can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.


A simple push of the button and 90 seconds later enjoy a glass of freshly pressed juice. JUISIR is effortless juicing with no cleaning required, engineered to help customers establish a healthy lifestyle by drinking fresh juice everyday.

After-Sales Service

Our partner, Froothie will be servicing two years warranty for JUISIR customers in Europe (excluding Russia), UK, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Latin America.
We are looking for partners in the rest of regions and promise to provide at least one year warranty. We are devoting to extend our warranty in the near future.